"I would definitely recommend this workshop, I believe it works. How I didn’t see shapes in pictures before!'
- Cindy Babic, mother of Ethan, Altona VIC

"I would recommend this workshop as it teaches carers the importance of expressive creativity through art. It was a great hands on experience and an insight into childrens art and imagination. Because of the practical experience, I feel confident incorporating the ideas I have gained into the pre-school program'
- Amanda Tickner, teacher Nepean Preschool, NSW

"It is a source of empowerment for parents (and those spending time with children socially) to feel they can aid in their child’s visual literacy. I thought the take home folder was an excellent idea'
- Julia Gardiner, teacher VIC

'A wonderful re-examination of kids' art with in an interesting framework that makes it approachable for any one - kids and adult facilitators. It makes art more real and doable for children and gives confidence to adult teachers'
- Claudia Jean, teacher VIC

“The workshop was engaging, thought- provoking, fun- a great range of mediums'
- Deanne Sliskovic, VIC

'It is really clear that parents gained a lot of confidence through doing this workshop. It was a practical approach to teaching children to put what they see on paper. Tools for learning and a deconstruction of the process into bite-sized pieces, and a clarity around colour and shape'
- Anne Scambary, mother of twins and professional artist, Newport, VIC