The KART Program

The KART program is a unique approach to introducing children to the fine arts, centering on teaching young children the process of observation and exploring the topics of line, shape, colour and texture.

This program challenges the hands-off approach to teaching visual arts in early education - rather than just giving children the paints and brushes and leaving them to it, we teach them how to make different colours, how to draw shapes and to observe their subjects. We encourage a “look, draw, lift” technique, so that children are drawing from observation rather than memory as much as possible.

KART brings a structured fine art format back into pre primary and primary schools, while giving enough freedom for creative expression. We believe that children obtain many benefits from a structured program, by giving them a guide line to follow so that they can achieve a desired result. The benefits of this program are not only seen in the children’s final pieces of art, but in the journey to get there.

Fun exercises and worksheets have been specifically developed for different age groups, as well as helpful assessment sheets to assist teachers in measuring development. A step by step introduction to observational concepts used together with simplified fine art principles is the key to the program. Basic line and shapes are used as the starting point, progressing to dissecting illustrations and discovering the magic of colour mixing.

An important element of the program is the reading of story books, as children are encouraged to observe the illustrations and discuss the story. This fosters concentration and also communication.

Once they understand the basic concepts, they can go on to create individual unique artwork using a mixture of observation technique and imagination. Children are allowed to set their own pace, and encouraged to self-assess their work before moving on to the next stage.

The program has been created to be flexible so that teachers, parents and carers can add or run it along side other learning programs, as it involves mathematics, language and science concepts it can be integrated into lesson plans. There is no time limit on how long the program takes to complete as it is based on the ability of the child as well as the time available to complete the exercises. It is recommended to do a little of the KART program each day, and ideally to be used at both school and home.