Kids Are Raw Talent!

Kids are Raw Talent (KART) is an amazing new developmental program based on fine art principles using observational techniques which have been run all around Australia. This fun and engaging art program introduces children to drawing, painting and modeling. The simple structure of the program assists the transition from preschool to early primary school. It can also help in identifying learning problems enabling early intervention.

Developed by artist and pre-school director Suellen Stubbs, KART is a structured program that builds a solid foundation of basic art skills, and gives children enough freedom for creative expression. The "observational technique" encouraged by the KART program teaches children to see the simple shapes in everyday objects, enabling them to draw confidently and capably. To teach the KART program, a teacher, parent or carer needs only to complete a one-day workshop with a KART facilitator.

The workshop is a fun, hands-on day where facilitators demonstrate the different techniques used in the program, as well as the teaching philosophy underpinning it all. Participants will come away with the skills and knowledge to implement the KART program with children in their care effectively and confidently. No previous drawing experience is necessary.