Are Your Kids Ready for Big School?
As appearing in Childcare Business Matters, Issue 3

By Suellen Stubbs

How important is it that your children are socially, emotionally and intellectually ready for “Big School”.

It is hard to know what the best school readiness plan is. Different children have different needs and it is not always evident just what those needs are. That is why it is important for preschools to have a good comprehensive program in place.

Transition to big school can be traumatic for some children especially if those  children have any developmental problems. It is much easier for them if these problems are recognised and addressed before they leave preschool.

I have worked in the early childhood education industry for thirty years and during that time I have observed that by teaching young children the basic principles of art
their overall development improves.

Areas of improved development have been:

These observations encouraged me to develop a program, based on fine art principles and observational techniques. The program is called K.A.R.T. [Kids Are Raw Talent]. It is an interactive program that encourages teachers, parents and
children to work together. K.A.R.T. has been designed in a workshop format for early childcare educators and parents, it is accessible, inexpensive and easily
integrated into childcare and early education programs.

More than that however, K.A.R.T. is not just a theory; it works. It has been successfully introduced into many preschools. Workshops have been conducted
along the mid-north coast of N.S.W., at The Child Studies Annual Conference at Coffs Harbour for three consecutive years, and for adult presenters in several

These workshops have been enthusiastically received by professional educators who have introduced the program into their places of work. The adults who have taken part in the workshops have been amazed at the results of their own efforts and their art works. It is a non threatening, fun way of learning that moves at the child’s pace, and promotes self confidence in both student and teacher.

Every child should have the best. Many don’t and they slip through the cracks and struggle all their lives because their learning difficulties were not picked up and addressed at the preschool stage. How much better is early intervention than remedial learning?

At the present time workshops are being organised for Nambucca Heads, N.S.W. and Yarraville, Vic. depending upon interest.

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